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Christopher Smith

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  • Christopher Smith
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Antero Peak and Antero Peak Hedge Strategies
  • {yearexp}Years Investment

Christopher Smith is a managing director of Artisan Partners and founding portfolio manager of the Antero Peak Group. In this role, he is the portfolio manager for the Antero Peak and Antero Peak Hedge Strategies.

Prior to joining Artisan Partners and founding the Antero Peak Group in October 2016, Mr. Smith was a senior analyst at Kingdon Capital Management where he managed capital directly for Mark Kingdon. Mr. Smith spent the majority of his career at Karsch Capital Management where he was a managing director and a senior analyst covering the consumer, media and industrial sectors. Upon Karsch Capital closing in August 2013, Mr. Smith was selected by Michael Karsch to create and exclusively manage Centerline Investment Partners, a long-only fund with more than $100 million in assets, which he then merged into Kingdon Capital with the client’s approval. Mr. Smith has also worked at Soros Fund Management, as well as UBS and Credit Suisse in equity research. He holds a bachelor's degree in finance from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (summa cum laude).

      • Enhancing Fundamental Research With Analytical Tools

        12 September 2019   |  

        In addition to rigorous bottom-up research, the Antero Peak Group leverages a slew of analytical tools to eliminate subjectivity and manage risk. 

      • Harnessing the IoT

        31 March 2019   |  

        We’ve gone from smartphones and smart TVs to smart factories, smart health, smart cars and smart homes—connectivity has become deeply ingrained in our society. Low-cost sensors, along with cheaper and faster computing resources, are enabling the connectivity of the real world in a paradigm shift to what is called the Internet of things, or the IoT.

        With growing connectivity comes still more data— we’re just scratching the surface on the scale of what data generation will be. Data creation in general is already doubling every two years, and it’s estimated machine data can grow 50 times over the next 5 years.

        How can investors capitalize on the data and analytics explosion?

      • Data and the IoT

        07 March 2019   |  

        Antero Peak Group portfolio manager Chris Smith discusses the opportunities his team is finding thanks to the rising importance of the Internet of things (IoT). 

      • The Artisan Difference

        07 March 2019   |  

        Antero Peak Group portfolio manager Chris Smith explains why Artisan Partners is the right place for his team. 

      • Thematic Idea Generation

        07 March 2019   |  

        Antero Peak Group portfolio manager Chris Smith discusses his team’s thematic approach to idea generation.