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Artisan Partners EMsights Capital Group applies deep fundamental research and robust operational capabilities across a broad opportunity set in order to uncover knowledge gaps across global markets. By exploiting knowledge gaps, the team is well positioned to discover idiosyncratic opportunities that provide compelling risk-adjusted long-term return potential.


      • Inflation, Inflation Everywhere?

        21 September 2022   |  

        All eyes have been focused on inflation over the course of 2022. Ours too! Most of the attention has been given to the developed world and for good reason—inflation is the highest it’s been in over 40 years for many countries. Consumer prices remain volatile and elevated across much of the world, denting investor optimism for easing inflation and less aggressive interest rate hikes. One country’s recent inflation print really caught our attention. One hint: They do not have an Inflation Reduction Act.

      • Summer Dreams, Ripped at the Seams

        08 September 2022   |  

        For those in the northern hemisphere, it’s been a volatile summer for emerging market bonds. The asset class has swung between gains and losses amid concerns about rising interest rates, high inflation, slowing growth and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Then in late-August, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech on sustained higher interest rates rattled global markets, halting a rally in risk assets.