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Sustainable Emerging Markets Team

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Artisan Partners Sustainable Emerging Markets team seeks to invest in companies that are uniquely positioned to benefit from the growth potential in emerging markets and that possess a sustainable global competitive advantage. The team determines a company’s sustainable earnings based upon rigorous financial and strategic analyses. It also incorporates its assessment of company-specific, sustainability and macroeconomic risks into its valuation analysis to develop a risk-adjusted target price.
      • Emerging Markets Case Study: India Amid COVID-19

        01 May 2020   |  

        Featured Author: Gurpreet Pal
        Gurpreet Pal is an analyst on the Artisan Partners Sustainable Emerging Markets Team.

        As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, emerging markets are set to take center stage. The US, Italy and other developed markets appear to be flattening the curve and starting to reopen their economies. In comparison, many emerging markets appear to be in much earlier phases of an outbreak. Within EM, India is an especially intriguing country to watch as it seems to be managing the pandemic better than previously feared.

        India has the seemingly right conditions for a high number of cases and rapid transmission: