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      • Smarter Buildings—An Unsung Hero in the Climate Fight

        05 October 2021   |  

        The increasing evidence that greenhouse gases created by human activity is driving climate change—including higher temperatures, more droughts, extreme weather and melting glaciers—has created a call to action for public and private-market solutions to slow these trends.

      • Maintaining a Long-Term Orientation Amid Heightened Volatility

        07 April 2020   |  

        Amid significant market volatility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our investment philosophy. With a foundation in long-term structural tailwinds, resilient businesses and strong operators, our approach is designed for not only good times but challenging ones as well. Acknowledging the unprecedented nature of these circumstances and the uncertainty of a global health crisis, we thought a few words about our investment approach and how the investment team is spending its time would be appropriate.

      • Navigating Volatility in Global Equity Markets

        01 April 2020   |  

        As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drive heightened uncertainty and historic daily volatility, we thought an update may be appropriate. We are closely monitoring this rapidly evolving situation, remaining focused on our deep company analysis in order to understand the impacts to businesses’ growth outlooks, as appropriate. As this crisis has unfolded, companies have revised their revenue and earnings outlooks sharply lower. While supply-chain disruptions emanated from China as early as January, the economies of Western Europe and the US are just now experiencing their corresponding demand shocks.

      • Identifying Long-Term Tailwinds in Health Care and Technology

        29 January 2020   |  

        Portfolio manager Rezo Kanovich discusses the compelling opportunities in health care and technology. 

      • Managing Unique Risks of International Small- and Mid-Cap Equities

        29 January 2020   |  

        Portfolio manager Rezo Kanovich discusses the team’s risk management process. 

      • How We Define Quality Businesses

        29 January 2020   |  

        Portfolio manager Rezo Kanovich discusses how the team defines quality. 

      • Lifelong Passion for Portfolio Management

        28 January 2020   |  

        Portfolio manager Mark Yockey explains why his competitive nature has served him well throughout his career. 

      • Identifying Long-Term Opportunities in the International Small-Mid Universe

        12 September 2019   |  

        Portfolio manager Rezo Kanovich explains why a long-term investment horizon and a contrarian view are cornerstones of his team’s approach. 

      • Investing in the Automobile of the Future

        28 February 2019   |  

        The automobile industry is experiencing massive change as a result of increased demand for electric and hybrid cars that require batteries and the evolution of autonomous driving features that rely on connectivity. We believe these structural shifts are enduring and offer potential opportunities for long-term oriented investors, such as ourselves. However, investors will need to be discerning as both winners and losers will emerge.

      • The Search for Sustainable Growth

        31 January 2019   |  

        After global growth gained momentum through 2016 and 2017, the investment outlook turned cloudier in 2018. Concerns about decelerating economic and earnings growth due to normalizing monetary policies, softening global growth and US-China trade tensions drove a sharp increase in equity market volatility, leading to the MSCI All Country World Index’s worst calendar year since 2008. No regions were unscathed: Europe, Japan and emerging markets were each down double-digit percentages, while the US market fell 5% for the year.

        In contrast to the rest of the world, the US economy strengthened in 2018. The substantial fiscal stimulus in the form of tax cuts contributed to stronger economic growth and corporate profits. Yet, with tax reform in the rearview mirror, growth rates are inclined to come down in our estimation as comparisons become more difficult in upcoming quarters. In addition, margins are at risk as the costs of raw materials, labor and interest are increasing.