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Craig Inman, CFA

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  • Craig Inman, CFA
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Value Equity, U.S. Mid-Cap Value and Value Income Strategies
  • {yearexp}Years Investment

Craig Inman, CFA, is a managing director of Artisan Partners and a portfolio manager on the U.S. Value team. In this role, he is a portfolio manager for the Artisan Value Equity, U.S. Mid-Cap Value and Value Income Strategies.

Prior to joining Artisan Partners in February 2012, Mr. Inman was an analyst and trader at Reicon Capital from February 2002 to February 2012. Mr. Inman began his investment career in 1999 as a trader at ING Investment Management. Mr. Inman holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Wake Forest University.

      • A Q&A with Portfolio Manager Craig Inman

        23 March 2023   |  

        Craig, happy 11-year Artisan anniversary. To commemorate your time at Artisan Partners and with the U.S. Value team, we have a few questions to better get to know you personally and professionally. To break the ice, please tell us a bit about yourself.

        I grew up in South Carolina and have lived in the southern US my entire life. One thing that is interesting about my childhood is my dad was a professional golfer on the PGA Tour (he also played the Senior PGA Tour later in life).

      • Boring Is Beautiful

        06 February 2023   |  

        I was recently asked to speak about investing to a group of undergraduate students at the University of Florida who manage a university student fund. I was initially stumped regarding what we would discuss, but upon speaking with one of the students, it became clear they were eager to discuss a real-world example in relation to our approach to investment research.

      • Intelligent Investing: Looking beyond Interest Rates

        19 September 2022   |  

        Low interest rates have been a defining feature of the investing landscape in recent years. The rate on the benchmark US 10-year Treasury Note has been in a 40-year downtrend (Exhibit 1), leading to sub-3.0% yields for the better part of the past decade.