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Maria Negrete-Gruson, CFA

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  • Maria Negrete-Gruson, CFA
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Sustainable Emerging Markets Strategy
  • {yearexp}Years Investment

Maria Negrete-Gruson, CFA, is a managing director of Artisan Partners and a portfolio manager on the Sustainable Emerging Markets team. In this role, she is the portfolio manager for the Artisan Sustainable Emerging Markets Strategy.

Prior to joining Artisan Partners in April 2006, Ms. Negrete-Gruson was the portfolio manager for DuPont Capital Management’s emerging markets equity portfolios. Before assuming responsibilities as portfolio manager, she was an international equity analyst at DuPont covering the developed Asia-ex Japan region. Earlier in her career, she was a foreign exchange trader for Banco Ganadero in Bogotá, Colombia. Ms. Negrete-Gruson holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and international relations from Universidad Externado in Colombia and a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School. She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

      • Emerging Markets Opportunities Amid Market Volatility

        23 March 2020   |  

        Global financial markets have been experiencing sharp drawdowns and extreme volatility. Although the catalysts may be unique—COVID-19 and an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia—the occurrence of such dramatic turns in global financial market and economic conditions is not. We believe a narrow focus on sustainability helps account for such unpredictable periods. While we are not immune to these gyrations, we believe we are also in a period of opportunity. We continue searching for companies with sustainable competitive advantages or unique access to growth—characteristics that enable companies to persist through volatility, succeed after the dust settles, and generate alpha over the long term. 

      • Defining Sustainability in Emerging Markets

        30 April 2019   |  

        To me, sustainability means having the ability to endure. It includes—but goes beyond—environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. More broadly, it entails businesses making the right strategic choices that bring continuity to their shareholders, employees, customers and the communities around them. Ultimately, my team invests in emerging markets because as a team of people who were born, educated and have spent large amounts of time in these countries, we want to direct capital to companies that can have a long-term positive impact on emerging markets’ people.

        We believe companies manifest and embody sustainability in a variety of ways. 

      • A Forward-Looking Approach to Sustainability

        30 September 2018   |  

        Portfolio Manager Maria Negrete-Gruson explains how the sustainability of a company's earnings goes hand-in-hand with its environmental, social and corporate governance factors. 

      • ESG in Emerging Markets: A Differentiated Perspective

        30 September 2018   |  

        Sustainable Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager Maria Negrete-Gruson discusses her team’s differentiated perspective on identifying ESG opportunities in emerging economies.