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      • In the News

        23 August 2019   |  

        No August lull in 2019, with global monetary policy chiefs meeting in Jackson Hole, WY, and the ongoing trade dispute between China and the US garnering ample attention. Among today’s headlines:

      • In the News

        22 August 2019   |  

        Making headlines today is a variety of economic news, including more data which send contradictory messages about the expansion’s resilience. A sample:

      • Banks Get Some Relief in Volcker-Rule Changes

        21 August 2019   |  

        Banks Get Some Relief in Volcker-Rule Changes

        US regulators are easing some of the regulatory headwinds that have faced US financial institutions since Dodd-Frank’s 2010 passage. The recent focus has been on some of the more complex and onerous Volcker rule requirements—which sought to limit banks’ ability to speculate with their own funds. The rule is based on the assumption that such short-term trades only benefit the banks—not their customers—and should therefore be limited. Further, the rule put the onus squarely on the banks to prove otherwise for every transaction that occurred within a 60-day window. 

        The assumption is faulty, though.

      • The Disparate Impact of Brexit on UK-Domiciled Companies

        20 August 2019   |  

        The Brexit deadline is looming. Again. While it doesn’t seem inconceivable the can could be kicked yet again, as things currently stand, the UK will leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31. For investors, a clear concern is just how a post-Brexit world will impact companies domiciled in the UK. While it’s nearly impossible to predict with any measure of certainty, the thought experiment is worthwhile.

      • Gold Price Tops $1,500

        19 August 2019   |  

        Consider first this headline—Gold Price Tops $1,500—and then consider this combination of recent events: