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Supply/Demand: The COVID Economy

02 November 2020   |  

Supply/Demand is a semi-regular feature of the Artisan Canvas rounding up interesting and quirky subjects from across the Internet with a focus on economic and business trends. A good rule of thumb among the Artisan Canvas editorial staff is “never reason from a price change.” With that in mind, our latest edition of Supply/Demand.

As consumption habits have dramatically shifted amid the pandemic, demand for some seemingly out-of-the-ordinary goods and services has spiked. Whether these behavioral changes prove lasting, only time will tell.

The Pandemic Kick-Started an Urban Motorcycle Boom. Are Cities Ready? (Bloomberg)
Motorcycle registrations in major cities from New York City to Rio de Janeiro and Athens have surged as restaurants and delivery services need more wheels to fulfill spiking demand for at-home dining. The UK has witnessed a 31.2% increase in motorcycle registrations compared to last year. Vespa-style scooters have been in particular demand among urban delivery drivers.

Uber Founder Turns Real-Estate Mogul for Ghost Kitchen Startup (The Wall Street Journal)
Sitting astride these two trends—for food delivery and transportation—is Travis Kalanick, whose latest venture is CloudKitchens, which rents space to restaurants in need of more square footage to cook delivery items. Some delivery-only restaurants also use it as their base of operations. Kalanick’s not alone, though: To date, Reef Technologies has raised more funding for a similar endeavor.

A Guide to Renting Your Own Boat Sensibly (The Wall Street Journal)
As vacations requiring air travel and hotel stays have largely been scuttled, various types of product-shares have become budding successes: Recreational vehicle shares are popular and expect a surge of sign-ups before the holidays. Those fortunate enough to own or access a yacht seem well-positioned to get away—as do those with the means to rent a private island.

The Peloton Threat: Gyms Have a Plan to Get Americans Working Out Again (CNBC)
Most readers are likely familiar with Peloton’s big year—but that doesn’t mean gyms are necessarily going the way of the dodo. On the contrary: We may well see a bounce-back in gym membership and attendance once the pandemic is in the rear-view.

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