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04 October 2019   |  

Softer economic data continue rolling in—prompting rather unsurprising reactions from both equity and bond markets. Plus, we have a new head of the IMF along with a deep dive into the Mexican oil industry to round out the week.

Fears for Global Economy Over Trade Tensions and Dismal Data
Until now, much of the global slowing has been reflected in manufacturing data. With services and consumption showing signs of strain, too, investors are increasingly concerned (and headed for bonds, which continue their bull market—read on for more).

EU Pledges Restraint as US Moves to Add Tariffs
The WTO’s recent ruling on the Airbus-Boeing stand-off has the potential to heighten already strained trade tensions—though the EU says (for now), it won’t retaliate prematurely.

The Big Bond Rally Is Not Even Close to Being Over
Between trade tensions and ongoing signs of slowing economic activity, some speculate the (already decades-long, by some measures) bond bull may not yet have run its course.

IMF’s New Chief Vows to ‘Fix the Roof’ Before the Storm Hits
The Lagarde era is officially over; enter new IMF head Kristalina Georigieva, former CEO of the World Bank.

Mexico: López Obrador Makes a Big Bet on Oil
A longer-form read on the Mexican president’s plans for Pemex, the Mexican national oil company.

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