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      • Growth Team Weekly Investment Insights

        27 March 2024   |  

        1) Credit Card Data Suggests Consumer Weakness?

        Like most things in this industry, looking at credit card data sends a nuanced message about the health of the consumer.

      • Growth Team Weekly Investment Insights

        21 March 2024   |  

        1) Inflation Progress Shows Signs of Slowing

        Last week brought signs that progress towards the central bank’s inflation target may be slowing as both the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Producer Price Index (PPI) metrics were higher than expected.

      • US Treasury Reforms: The Crystal Ball for EM Traders

        20 March 2024   |  

        The SEC voted in December to require more US Treasury bonds to be centrally cleared in order to improve market resiliency, and it continues to propose major reforms to that market. These reforms are getting significant attention in the press and sparking a debate on financial news and social media platforms. Emerging markets investors might be forgiven for paying little attention to market structure developments in US Treasuries, but ignoring these developments is a mistake. 

      • Growth Team Weekly Investment Insights

        13 March 2024   |  

        1) February Jobs Report

        The big macro data point last week was the US employment report, which offered both upside and downside surprises.

      • Dare to be Different

        12 March 2024   |  

        The National Bank of Serbia opted to hold benchmark interest rates unchanged at 6.5% for the eighth consecutive meeting, citing global uncertainties and persistent inflationary pressures as the rationale. This restrictive policy is at odds with its Central European peers, some of which are already several rate cuts deep into their easing cycles, but we applaud this prudent approach for Serbia.  

        Serbian inflation fell to 5.6% year over year in February, but forecasts do not show inflation dropping into its target band of 3% +/- 1.5% for a few more months.

      • Growth Team Weekly Investment Insights

        06 March 2024   |  

        1) The Shift from EVs to Hybrids

        A recent Financial Times article explains how Toyota has been hesitant to significantly invest in fully electric vehicles (EVs) over the past few years, favoring hybrids instead.