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      • Late-Cycle Credit Investing

        30 September 2018   |  

        There appears to be growing anxiety among investors that the current credit cycle, now more than 10 years old, is nearing old age and susceptible to a downturn. The implications for high yield credit investors is obvious, as the end of credit cycles tends to coincide with a marked uptick in corporate defaults and asset price corrections.

        While we’re mindful we’re closer to the end of the current cycle than the beginning, we see no near-term catalyst to suggest high yield markets are approaching an inflection point.

      • A Forward-Looking Approach to Sustainability

        30 September 2018   |  

        Portfolio Manager Maria Negrete-Gruson explains how the sustainability of a company's earnings goes hand-in-hand with its environmental, social and corporate governance factors. 

      • ESG in Emerging Markets: A Differentiated Perspective

        30 September 2018   |  

        Sustainable Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager Maria Negrete-Gruson discusses her team’s differentiated perspective on identifying ESG opportunities in emerging economies.